Waynesburg Boro

Parks & Recreation

The Waynesburg Commons consist of 5 parks known as West Park, Ritchie Park, College Park, Monument Park and East Park. Theses parks at one time were used for pasturing of farm animals such as cows, horses and hogs all permitted to run at large for decades. The commons are as follows:

Ritchie Park

When the Borough was formed in 1796. This land was declared the commons. To provide pasture for the lot-holders. Converted to a park in 1883 by Petition to the court by J.G. Ritchie. 1987-1988 a major renovation included a construction of an octagonal Victorian bandstand in Ritchie Park, which replaced the original bandstand that was erected in 1901. This bandstand area is also known as “Gazebo Park”.

College Park

known as “Fountain Park” Built in the 1920’s, this fountain is a favorite place for students to study and relax while enjoying nature’s beauty. This park is a portion of the town commons. The Waynesburg residents and Waynesburg University students use the park for recreation. Another recreational use started in 1994 involving the students of Margaret Bell Miller Middle School who continue to use this park for the traditional last day of school shaving cream battle.

Central Park Playground

Formerly known as the “Waynesburg Borough Playground” In the past this park was flooded every winter season for the use of an ice skating rink.

In 2003 this park was reconstructed with new equipment, fencing and a pavilion.  Central Park Playground located in the middle of town has been a community center for generations. In 2010 the borough built the first skate park in the county here.  Many sports leagues take advantage of hosting T-ball games, little league soccer games and not to mention families enjoying the pavilion to host picnics, birthday parties, showers and more!

West Park

Is a small Park west of Ritchie Park, which has a small bridge.

Sunset Park

This is the former common area at the west end of the borough adjoining the Waynesburg Baptist Church, which was suggested by called “Sunset Park.”

Meadowlark Park

Basically contains the Waynesburg Borough Waste Water Treatment Plant and a Ball field known as “Fitch Field”.  This field is utilized by the

High School Baseball, Church Softball and baseball Leagues, Adult men’s baseball and Legion teams.   

Monument Park

Was dedicated on July 4, 1899. This 65 foot monument is the “Soldiers and Sailors” monument honoring those who had fought in the Civil War. The inscription on the base states “Erected by the County of Greene in grateful memory of her soldiers and sailors of the war for the union.”

East Park

In 1922 twenty-two trees were planted in East Park as part of a national Historic Tree Program.

Other Parks consist of  Sunrise Park-A beautiful fountain was erected in August 1909.  In September of 1909 “Sunrise Park” was further enhanced when a five-foot high statue was placed in the basin of the fountain.  It was a figure of a woman holding over her head a pitcher from which water flowed.  Locally constructed, it was called the “maid of the mist.”

This was partially paid for by a Tuesday evening gathering by the women of the area.  The military band entertained some 1500 people.  One feature was a watermelon booth.  The ladies cleared $112.

Hooper Park

Hooper Park sits in the center of Downtown. This park is now the home to the Rain Day Statue donated by Glenn R. Toothman Jr. This fountain statue sits in the center of the downtown depicting two children playing in the Rain. Mr. Toothman purchased the fountain during a trip to San Francisco, he states “the moment he laid eyes on it, it was an accurate representation of our Annual Rain Day Festival” and brought it home to Waynesburg. The Development and installation of this fountain and fencing along with flowers and trees enhance this park was accomplished by a collaborative effort of Waynesburg Prosperous and Beautiful, Waynesburg Borough, The County of Greene and The Western Pa Conservancy.