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Zoning Control Board  

Greene County Courthouse

Zoning Information and Worksheet

Rev 10/2009

The following information should be helpful to answer questions and to start the process in obtaining building/demolition permits and meeting zoning requirements within the Borough of Waynesburg.

1. You must file with the Borough at least (5) weeks prior to your need for a zoning permit. The reason for the time is, if a variance is needed the municipality will need 30 days to advertise the variance.

All applications must be filled out completely to ensure a timely response to your request. Omissions/deletions will extend the application process. Please take care to complete each section of the application fully.

Application to file: Zoning Application

2. After your application has been filed with the Zoning Officer, you will be advised of its approval or rejection within 5 days. If the application is approved you will be issued a Zoning Certificate. If the application is rejected then you will need to apply for a variance or special exemption before the board. You will need to complete a Zoning Appeals Form and submit same to the Borough.

Application to file: Zoning Appeals Form

Your Appeals Form/request will be advertised as a legal notice, the address in question will be posted and a Hearing Date will be scheduled. You will be informed of the date of the Appeal before the Board. The Board will review your Zoning Application and the actions of the Zoning Officer. The Board may grant you a variance or special exemption; thus approving your Zoning Application and advising you to start your project.

A Building Permit, if applicable may be required prior to starting your project. Compliance to all other municipal, state and federal Codes is required during the completion of your project. 



K2 Engineering issues building permits for the Borough of Waynesburg. Fees for the Building Permit shall be paid to K2 Engineering. Their address and phone numbers are provided.  K2 Engineering will review your site plans, architectural drawings and construction costs for compliance with the UCC and other existing codes. Upon compliance review, K2 Engineering will collect the fees for the building permit, issue a building permit and advise you to commence construction. Site inspections by K2 Engineering shall be conducted during the construction phase. K2 Engineering shall conduct a final inspection prior to the issuance of an Occupancy Permit.

K2 Engineering
160 Pittsburgh Street Suite 3A
Uniontown, PA 15401
Phone: 724-439-3440
Fax: 724-439-3144

Please note that some utilities (gas, water, sewage, electric) may require separate inspections.

You may direct any application or permitting questions to the following phone number:

Borough of Waynesburg
(724) 627-8111

Complete copies of the Zoning Ordinance as adopted in June of 2011 are available for review on the borough web site at waynesburgboro.com.